Oren Ifa & Lenz

The sun's rays spread out over the sweeping plains from the mountain peaks. A beam of sunlight lit Oren's path to the edge of a nearby forest. Tiny birds fluttered away as he closed the door to his tent. The charred wood from yesterday night remained in the campfire, filling his nostrils with a smoky fragrance. He trampled over the fallen leaves at the forest's edge. The forest was dark, but the early morning sun rays and the faint glimmer of tree sap fairies provided some illumination. Oren observed a little clearing as he moved deeper into the trees. As the sun rose, three large ancient stone structures revealed themselves. He approached the structures and ran his hands through the mossy crevices. Ancient pieces of technology that were made by the Kimo for an army of squid-like creatures. I have to tell Ifa. But, before telling her, he chose to check inside the armour out of curiosity. He put his feet under one of the tentacle slots and heaved himself under. Apart from a single vial of black liquid hanging from the triangular cap on top, it was completely empty. I wonder what this is. He tried to reach it but it was too high. Ifa probably knows. He crawled beneath the opening that he'd entered and dashed back to camp. The vile started to shake…

“Ifa! You won’t believe what I found!” Ifa, a rather short researcher, sat on a log near the campfire. She wore a wide cone-shaped hat on her head, similar to the ones worn by guardians, and her long white hair was tied up in two plaits. She was ethnically of the Kimo race, however she wanted to know more about her ancestors. Lenz, the guard appointed to Oren and Ifa for this expedition, sat beside her, sharpening his large sword. Oren stood there for a moment, but Ifa and Lenz became frozen. “Ifa, I found…” Oren's words trailed off as he realised they were not looking at him, but rather… behind him. “Oren, stay still” Ifa commanded with a sharp voice. “It’s very old, it won’t notice you if you stay still. “W-what won’t…” Oren’s words stuttered as he saw the grand shadow cast from behind him. Standing there, terrified, for behind him stood a guardian, an extinct creature with the potential to wipe out a race. Suddenly Lenz picked up his sword. “Lenz!” Ifa snapped under her breath. “Don’t you dare! You’ll only get killed!” Lenz just put on a smug face. The large eye of the guardian suddenly locked onto Lenz. However, it was too late for the aged beast. Lenz’s sword impaled the left side of the guardian’s sclera. It was dead.

“Lenz that was amazing!” Oren put up a brave façade, but he was still disturbed on the inside.

“Heh, it was but a simple obstacle in our journey,” He said in a pompous voice, puffing his chest out. Oren chuckled, Ifa, on the other hand, did not appear to be in agreement with the situation.

"We're not safe here," she trembled. Oren and Lenz leant in “The guardian you awoke, Oren, is likely to have summoned others,” Ifa explained. “We can’t run, we’re too slow.” Oren had just realised the weight of the situation. He had just witnessed an extinct species come to life, he couldn't take any more chances.

"Don't worry," Lenz spoke up. "My one and only duty is to protect you three with my life, and I'll do whatever it takes," Lenz smiled, feeding his ego.

"Idiot," Ifa jumped in. "You just got lucky, and I know you only knew its weakness because you read one of my books, that's illegal y'know!" Lenz lowered his head.

"Ok, let's go," Oren had packed up his bag while the two squabbled.

"No we can't, they'll find us," Ifa motioned Oren to come back. She picked up her bag and put it in front of her. Oren followed, and then Lenz. Just then, a loud rustling in the forest was heard, and then a massive monster had appeared before them . "shit it's here!" Ifa's voice raised in fear while she fumbled around in her pockets.

"It's coming!" Oren blurted. Ifa pulled out some small pyramid-shaped stones. Ok, hold your breath,” She quickly ordered. Oren sharply inhaled, followed by Lenz. A blue beam of light appeared on the three adventures. Lenz turned his head to see that the beast was about to shoot them dead. with a blinding light, the guardian unleashed a lethal laser. But Ifa had struck two of the stones together just in time.

Oren fell to the floor, gasping for air. They had appeared at the entrance of a cave. Teleporting had felt like a punch in the lungs. After Oren had caught his breath he noticed Ifa tending to Lenz’s arm. There was a hole in his armour and a painful burnt wound.

“You got hit,” Ifa spoke up in a soft voice. She got a bandage from her arm and wrapped it around Lenz’s wound. Lenz bit his lip and sharply inhaled. “We can make a healing potion if we find some green mushrooms on the way,” Ifa reassured. “They’re pretty common here.” Lenz got up and put his bag on his back. Oren was astonished at his pain tolerance.

The three of them set off to the castle despite the danger, to find out the truth about the tragedy one hundred years ago…

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