5th of March 2023

time: 14:00

mood: inspired

Happy new year!! (yes im late)

Well it's been a while since I've added to my diary here, but I've been working a lot of things that I would like to show off on this site :p. Me and my friends randomly started doing a worldbuilding project. I'm in charge of the languages mainly, but I made a few creatures for the world as well. I'll probably be making a new worldbuilding section where I can show off all the drawing and lore and stuff. I've also started writing a bit more. I have this specific style I like where there isn't really a specific main character, the story just happens. Idk it's hard to explain but look at the fairy ring for example. I think it would be cool though, to have a series of stories that I update every now and then. I've already been thinking that the fairy ring and another short story I'm writing right now would be in the same universe, so perhaps I'll make many stories like these, and then somehow connect them together later. So yeah I guess that's just an update of some recent things.

Anywayss, stay tuned, signing off---