28th of June 2022

time: 17:00

mood: nice

drinking: vanilla matcha latte

So I woke up and started working on this website again, I hope you enjoy the music I added! But as I was working I noticed a red number one appear on my username, so I clicked it and... I got my first follow! I'm so happy, and some people also signed my guestbook! So today was a pretty good day, and very quick too, it's already 17:00 .

I applied for the yesterweb webring, I don't know if I'll get in, but I hope so. I also read more on the yesterweb website. I totally aggree with what they stand for. I'd never really realised how much of the web had been hidden from me by search engines! But somehow I ended up here and found a whole new internet subculture (is that what I call this?).

Anywaysss, not much to write about today, signing off---