27th of June 22

time: 19:00

mood: creative

So currently I'm on school holidays, and I've been spending most of my days (and nights) coding this and my other website. It's been so fun idk why exactly, I guess I've always wanted to get into coding related things but have always found it too dificult, coding websites has just been so much easier.

I've also been playing Super Paper Mario, since like 2 days ago. My [REDACTED] just randomly bought it so we started playing it. I actually really like it despite what other people may think. It's super unique which I like and I think the 2D and 3D switching is quite cool and has ispired me to create some sort of world around that idea. My [REDACTED] has also been playing Paper Mario 64. It's pretty fun to watch and strategise throughout the battles.

When my cat sleeps with me he always decides to sleep right on my neck!?!?! He purs so loudly and he's so happy I don't want to move. Also because he slightly digs his claws into me when I try to move (・_・;).

I really want to improve my french, it's so bad at the moment, but it's so hard, I need to actualy go to France for it to properly improve ughhhhhhhh.

anywaysss, signing off---