1st of September 2022

time: 11:00

mood: fine

I'm back! :p

So I've been inactive on neocities for a while, mostly because of school and stuff, but I got a few days off sp I decided to come back here. I've been doing lots of stuff while I was away: I got bayonetta 2 and omg I LOVE this game. I also got the first but I haven't played it yet and I preordered the third already lol. I started learning chinese lol. It was really random but I just found it fun to learn so I've just been casually doing that. I'm really bad at it though, I can only say a few things. I started working on a new conlang... that's all I have to say about that ig. I got the dlc for breath of the wild! I really like the extra difficulty, and it's been fun to replay the game. I started learning to crochet!!! I'm having a break atm, cux I got frustrated when making something, but I made a beanie, a scarf and a bag! I may add pics later ;p. I also did heaps of shopping, and there's this bubble tea place I go to all the time, and there's this girl there who always complements my outfits!?!?!? It was such a confidence boost and like noone ever compliments me.

That's all for now ig, I've done more but my memory is bad lol.

Anywaysss, signing off---