15th of September 2022

time: 9:00

mood: sick

I'm at school rn

I always get sick at this time of the year it's so annoying ugh. But I have to be at school because I have a maths test today. I'm like scared tbh but I think I know everything.

I have been learning chinese as I think I've mentioned, it's going well I think. I started using Pimsleur, it's like really good, I reccomend it if you wanna learn a new language. I've actually been able to understand some words of chinese I've heard just randomly. Like I can sometimes understand what my chinese coworkers are talking about lol. But like also idk if I should be learning to speak with erhua, because only people from the north use that and words without it are apparently more common so idk, I'll just learn what I can and when I know chinese better I'll do something.

Holidays start soon, so I'll have free time, yay!!

Anywaysss, signing off---