Tools I use to create my website

When building a website, the tools you use are very importatnt. They need to fit your workflow, whether that's maximum efficiency, being able to view your output as you type, etc. This post will outline the tools I use, and my workflow.

First of all, I use Linux as my operating system, Manjaro to be specific. I highly reccomend Linux for ANYONE, since it's fast, extreamly customisable, and the Linux terminal is super powerful. However, most of the tools I use also work on Windows and MacOs.

Text Editor: NeoVim

I use NeoVim as my text editor, a fork of Vim which is a fork of Vi. NeoVim is very different from text editors you might know of, like notepad on Windows, since when you first open it, you can't start typing right away. This is because Neovim has different "modes". When you first open NeoVim, it puts you in "Normal mode" which means you can use commands. Commands are the main idea of NeoVim and it's ancestors. In normal mode you can press "i" to start inserting text, and "esc" when you're done. You can press "dd" to delete a whole line, and "p" to paste it back in. When creating big updates to my website, I always create the files locally on my laptop and use NeoVim to edit them, then I upload them to Neocities. Personally I don't like the Neocities editor very much, sice theres no code completion and no Vim commands; But I still use it to do little edits such as this text I'm writing right now!

NeoVim is an extreamly efficient text editor, and it's also extreamly customisable and extensible whith plugins. It's pretty difficult to learn though, but once you do, you can nevr go back to normal text editors. NeoVim is available for Linux, Windows and MacOs.

General: Linux Terminal

The Linux terminal is suuuuper powerful. I can get everything done whith just a few simple commands, and extreamly fast too. I know it sounds unbeliveable, but using your mouse slows you down so much. You can also use CLI apps, which are fully keyboard controlled, giving you efficiency. I highly reccomend you get comfortable with your OS's terminal, as it's extreamly efficient and you'll need to get comfortable with it as a developer, because some apps are only CLI. I use the Linux terminal for like everything, I can create files, open NeoVim, download videos and more. It's a pretty big part of my workflow.

Windows has CMD and powershell, I'm not too experienced in them, but they should be pretty good (windows isn't a terminal focused OS, so it likely isn't as powerful as the Linux terminal, and it also doesn't come with a default package manager), MacOS uses the same terminal as Linux, but you can only use apps built for MacOS on it.

Browser: Qutebrowser

Qutebrowser is a keyboard/command based browser, with commands similar to Vim. It has a very minimal GUI, so it doesn't get in the way like browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and edge. I mainly like it because of the aformentioned minimal GUI, but I also like how I'm not slowed down due to having to use a mouse. I don't reccomend this as much as the others, but if you're interested, give it a try!

So those are just some tools I use to make this website. I definantly use others, but these are the main ones. Thanks for reading!