Heyyy I'm conallia! Just a random person on the internet. Deffo gonna update this page and add more about me in the future.

I guess I'll just start of with my internet history. I probably started using the internet when I was about 7, albeit very little. I don't really remember much of what I did in the beggining, but the following year I really started to get into it. When I was 8, I got my first iPad, and I had unrestricted access to the internet! yay!!! (sarcasm) I remember I got really into youtube, and would watch it everyday, I even wanted to become a youtuber back then! I had several youtube channels to which I would upload animations and stuff, they didn't get very popular though.

I didn't really get into social medi until I was about 12 or 13, I think this was when I created my instagram account. I posted digital art stuff there, but it didn't really kick of either. Eventually I atchived all my posts and started afresh. I use instagram less now. In 2020, I created my twitter account, and I've been pretty active there. omg i have 1,000 posts already.

One day in may 2022, when I was bored in school, I randomly decided to join neocities. I origionally thought it was the same thing as geocities, not knowing that they're seperate. But yeah, I joined and then didn't know how to use html or css, so I didn't do anything and my website remained blank. Then I randomly decided to make a website on github pages, and learnt a bit of html and css there. It made me remember my neocities website. So I decided to go back there and see what was up. I made my website look a little better, and then decided to look around on the community. I was amazed and inspired at what I saw. I was introduced to a whole ne area of the internet, previously hidden from me by search engines. I learnt what a personal website was, and decided that that's what my website will be! And yeah, the rest is history I guess!

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