Hii! I'm Conallia, a random person on the internet who likes linux, open source, free software and creating websites. My hobbies include, writing, drawing, learning languages, gaming and conlanging. My favourite food is probably sushi? (all kinds, not just makizushi) salmon to be exact. I also love tea , especially when it's green. Also, as you can see, I like paper mario 64.

2023 update: Hii, I have been being a bit more active but like i gotta focus on school rn, but i am planning stuff for this so stay tuned!!!1!!11!! Also I've decided i will keep at least my homepage like this cuz i like it.

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  • Celebrating 27,000 views!!! THANK YOU OMG!!!
  • New page! Intended for silly little peices of media I make like gifs, vids, pics etc lol

no clue why
this box extends
out too much

omg, n64 0////0

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